police brutality


Q&A with Soren Stevenson, who was blinded in one eye during George Floyd protests

BY: - March 8, 2021

One moment, Soren Stevenson was standing on a bridge over 35W with his arms raised, chanting “don’t shoot” with others protesting the murder of George Floyd. The next, flashbangs went off, and he crumpled in pain as a rubber bullet struck his face.  Stevenson lost his left eye and is due for a sixth facial […]

“Heal America Tour” shows divisions in police reform movement

BY: - July 31, 2020

It felt like a church service inside Shiloh Temple International Ministries Wednesday evening as Bishop Omar Jahwar introduced the Minneapolis leg of the “Heal America Tour,” declaring to the crowd that they were, in fact, here to heal America. Jahwar, a specialist in preventing gang violence from Dallas, had convened two panels of church leaders, […]