Marathon vs. the Teamsters

Hosted By: Max Nesterak - May 28, 2021


The Marathon oil refinery in St. Paul Park. Photo by Max Nesterak/Minnesota Reformer.

One-hundred-twenty-seven days ago the Teamsters Local 120 called a strike at the Marathon oil refinery in St. Paul Park alleging unsafe working conditions and unfair labor practices. Some 200 workers haven’t returned since.

Marathon says it has rigorous health and safety standards and an exemplary record. Workers say a disaster is all but certain. This week, a 22-year veteran of the refinery explains why he’s so worried and what will get him back to work.

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Matt Foss

Marathon St. Paul Park refinery

Matt Foss is a 22-year veteran of the Marathon-owned St. Paul Park oil refinery, where he works as a fire mechanic and rescue squad lieutenant. He is a member of the Teamsters Local 120.