Trump’s rhetoric on election integrity unfolds in courtrooms, tweets

BY: - October 9, 2020

See you in court! It is a threat President Donald Trump and his re-election campaign have lobbed — sometimes verbatim — at states across the country this year. Last week, the campaign threatened litigation in Pennsylvania if it wasn’t allowed to observe activity inside satellite election offices — access election lawyers say would be unprecedented, […]

11 Minnesota schools have reported at least 5 COVID-19 cases

BY: - October 8, 2020

More than 700 Minnesota preK-12 schools have reported COVID-19 cases since August, with at least 1,300 students and staff infected, according to an update from the Minnesota Department of Health Thursday. The state only names schools that report at least five confirmed cases within a two-week period, the benchmark that shows transmission is likely happening […]

Rep. Angie Craig and GOP challenger Tyler Kistner clash in first debate on health care, climate change

BY: - October 8, 2020

U.S. Rep. Angie Craig, the Democrat first-term congresswoman, and GOP challenger Tyler Kistner faced off in their first debate Thursday, clashing on issues like health care, prescription drug costs and climate change.  The two candidates offered striking contrasts in their approach to governing, most notably on climate change.  “You’re going to hear everyone say Republicans […]

Drive-thru ballot drop-off opens in downtown Minneapolis

BY: - October 8, 2020

Voters who registered to vote-by-mail may now drop off their ballots in downtown Minneapolis without leaving their cars. Hennepin County opened a drive-thru drop off in front of their government center building at 625 S. 4th Ave. to accept ballots Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. leading up to the Nov. 3 election. An election […]

List maintenance or voter purges: How the practice of maintaining voter lists became so polarized

BY: - October 8, 2020

In the last decade, millions of registered voters across the country have been removed from voter rolls.  In 2019, Ohio removed more than 460,000 voter registration files from its list. Georgia removed 313,000 people from its rolls in October 2019 alone, and in Michigan, from 2011 to 2018, 1.2 million voters were removed from voter […]

President Donald Trump and Pete Stauber, then a Republican candiate for the US House

Stauber faces health care advocate Nystrom in 8th District reelection campaign

BY: - October 8, 2020

A Democrat has represented northeast Minnesota in Congress for nearly a century, aside from a single term in 2011. And then U.S. Rep. Pete Stauber rode a wave of political change in the region in 2018 to win election as a Republican despite a difficult year for the GOP in Minnesota and most of the […]

Minnesota reports 918 new COVID-19 cases and 14 deaths

BY: - October 7, 2020

More than 106,000 Minnesotans have tested positive for COVID-19 and 2,101 have died, according to the Minnesota Department of Health. The figures reported Wednesday include 918 new cases and 14 deaths. Approximately 2,195,882 tests have been completed. Of the 106,651 people who have tested positive, 96,616 no longer need to be isolated.

Judge weighs whether 2nd Congressional District election will proceed in November after candidate death

BY: - October 7, 2020

A federal judge is weighing whether the election for Minnesota’s 2nd Congressional District will proceed in November or be postponed to February in a special election after the death of one of the candidates.  U.S. District Judge Wilhelmina M. Wright heard arguments on Wednesday just 27 days before the Nov. 3 election but made no […]

Battle of the nice guys: Will State Sen. Matt Little, DFL-Lakeville, fend off GOP challenger Zach Duckworth?

BY: - October 7, 2020

They’re both on the younger side for the state Senate. They’re both energetic, bright, likable and grew up online. They decry negative ads and say they want everyone to work together.  If you squint, they even look alike — Lands’ End suburban dads.  But for all their similarities, state Sen. Matt Little, DFL-Lakeville, and his GOP […]

Supreme Court ruling on Voting Rights Act opened floodgates for new restrictions

BY: - October 7, 2020

It hadn’t even been a day since the U.S. Supreme Court dismantled one of the pillars of voting rights in America, and North Carolina lawmakers weren’t wasting any time. Republican legislators had been contemplating a bill that would require photo identification to vote. The bill had plenty of support, but it had spent the past […]

Minnesota reports 954 new COVID-19 cases and 4 deaths

BY: - October 6, 2020

More than 105,000 Minnesotans have tested positive for COVID-19 and 2,087 have died, according to the Minnesota Department of Health. The figures reported Tuesday include 954 new cases and four deaths. Approximately 2,182,970 tests have been completed. Of the 105,740 people who have tested positive, 95,614 no longer need to be isolated.

‘MyPillow guy’ Mike Lindell to announce decision on running for governor after election

BY: - October 6, 2020

MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell said he will announce whether he’s running for governor of Minnesota after the Nov. 3 election. Lindell has publicly flirted with the idea for months — and gotten a push from President Donald Trump to jump in — and certainly sounds like a guy who’s ready to take the plunge. Depending […]