Same-sex marriage protected under bill passed by U.S. Senate with GOP support

BY: - November 29, 2022

WASHINGTON — The U.S. Senate approved legislation Tuesday that would enshrine protections for same-sex and interracial marriages, codifying many of the rights that would disappear if the U.S. Supreme Court were to overturn those landmark decisions the way it overturned the nationwide right to an abortion this summer.  The 61-36 bipartisan vote sends the bill […]

Walz wants more education funding but yet to offer specifics ahead of legislative session

BY: - November 29, 2022

Gov. Tim Walz, now with fewer hurdles to enact his agenda thanks to the DFL’s state government trifecta, offered few specifics about his education funding priorities during a school visit Tuesday. Walz did allow that Minnesota needs to address staffing shortages, reduce property taxes and work to provide free lunch for public school students. At […]

More than $37 billion in disaster aid under scrutiny in congressional lame duck

BY: - November 29, 2022

WASHINGTON — The Biden administration wants Congress to approve more than $37 billion to help communities throughout the country recover from various natural disasters, including Hurricanes Ian, which battered Florida and the Southeast U.S. in late September, and Fiona, which hit Puerto Rico.  The supplemental funding request comes on top of a $9 billion COVID-19 […]

South Dakota’s new secretary of state has ties to vocal Minnesota election denier

BY: - November 29, 2022

Secretary of State-Elect Monae Johnson campaigned as the candidate who would secure South Dakota’s elections. That message helped her defeat Democratic challenger Tom Cool – who campaigned on concerns about Johnson being an “election denier” – with 65% of the vote. She’s one of very few election deniers to win statewide office during the mid-term […]

State says Hennepin County attorney must turn over public documents related to Stallings case

BY: - November 28, 2022

The Minnesota Data Practices Office recently issued an advisory opinion saying the Hennepin County Attorney’s Office must turn over documents — if it has any — surrounding the Jaleel Stallings’ case that aren’t exempt by attorney-client privilege and don’t reveal an attorney's work product. 

Little appetite for Manchin permitting bill in congressional lame-duck session

BY: - November 28, 2022

Among the items on Congress’ lengthy to-do list by the end of the year is U.S. Sen. Joe Manchin’s proposal to speed up the federal government’s permitting process that certifies energy projects do not harm the environment. But the bill, which was a condition of the centrist West Virginia Democrat’s support for his party’s larger […]

Thousands of veterans deluge VA with claims for toxic exposure benefits, health care

BY: - November 25, 2022

WASHINGTON — The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs is processing claims at the fastest rate in its history, hoping to avoid a significant backlog as hundreds of thousands of veterans apply for health care and benefits under the landmark toxic exposure law Congress passed earlier this year. The day after President Joe Biden signed the […]

Read President Abraham Lincoln’s proclamation upon declaring a national day of Thanksgiving

BY: - November 24, 2022

Editor’s note: At the urging of magazine editor Sarah Josepha Hale, President Abraham Lincoln declared an annual national holiday of Thanksgiving in 1863. Most remarkably, Lincoln made his proclamation at the height of the bloodiest war in American history. Bit of trivia: The text was written by Secretary of State William Seward. Here’s the proclamation:  […]

Judge denies Reformer motion to unseal Mike Lindell search warrant

BY: - November 23, 2022

A federal judge on Tuesday denied a motion brought by the Minnesota Reformer and journalist Tony Webster seeking to unseal court documents related to a search warrant served on Minnesota pillow mogul and prominent election denier Mike Lindell. The Reformer and Webster filed the motion together in September, shortly after Lindell’s phone was seized by […]

Two communities find a cure for medical debt: pandemic stimulus funds

BY: - November 23, 2022

Local governments in Ohio and Illinois are using American Rescue Plan Act money to relieve residents struggling with medical debt by partnering with an organization that buys debt and wipes the slate clean for debtors. It’s a strategy advocates say could be duplicated across the country to help erase a multibillion-dollar problem. On Nov. 9, […]

Student loan repayment pause extended by White House amid legal battles over relief plan

BY: - November 22, 2022

WASHINGTON — The Department of Education announced on Tuesday it is extending the pandemic-era pause on federal student loan repayments until June 30 while legal challenges to the administration’s student debt relief program are fought over in the courts. The agency said if the student debt relief program has not been put in place by […]

Thanksgiving holiday renews focus on bird flu, rising costs

BY: - November 22, 2022

Fresh turkeys are more expensive and smaller than usual leading into the Thanksgiving holiday, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture. That’s due, in part, to the deadly and highly transmissible avian influenza that has wracked turkey producers this year. The virus, which is transmitted by wild, migrating birds, has led to the deaths of […]