Election 2022

Minneapolis man on trial for lying to grand jury has connections to senator, candidate

BY: - May 6, 2022

A Minneapolis man goes on trial Monday, accused of lying to a federal grand jury about how he handled absentee ballots during the August 2020 primary election. A curious and thus far unreported detail about the man, who’s name is Muse Mohamed Mohamed: He has shared an address with members of a newly prominent political family, including the wife of a state senator and another DFL-endorsed state Senate candidate who is likely to win her election this fall. 

A senator was promoted by a nonprofit, then proposed $500,000 in state funding for it

BY: - May 2, 2022

Four months after a nonprofit called Somali TV Minnesota — a YouTube channel with 170,000 subscribers — endorsed his campaign, Sen. Omar Fateh introduced a bill that would give the nonprofit a half million dollars in state funding to provide arts and cultural programming.

Republican Party to charge new fees, vet volunteers, ban critics from state convention

BY: - April 26, 2022

The Minnesota Republican Party plans to vet volunteers, charge campaigns for volunteers and bar people “publicly attacking” the party or its endorsed candidates from attending its state convention next month in Rochester. The requirements would seem to anticipate a chaotic scene, as the ongoing struggle between mainstream and more radical factions of the party continues. 

House GOP pushes Dems to get tougher on crime

BY: - April 19, 2022

Two Republican House leaders say the Democratic-controlled House has done little more than pay lip service to addressing crime and a police shortage. 

GOP elections bill would create ballot board observers; require ballot boards to be livestreamed

BY: - April 19, 2022

A lot more eyes — and video cameras — could be watching absentee ballot boxes and boards that accept or reject absentee ballots under legislation making its way through the GOP-controlled Minnesota Senate. A major elections bill (SF 3469) would mandate that counties allow observers — appointed by political parties and candidates —  to watch ballot boards, which examine absentee ballot envelopes to determine if ballots should be accepted or rejected. 

Elections explained: Who does what?

BY: - April 18, 2022

Editor’s note: This is the first in a series of columns between now and Election Day by Max Hailperin, who will guide Reformer readers through the mechanics of election administration.  You turn a tap and clean water pours out. You cast a ballot and election results get announced. And just as you don’t need to […]

Biden: Biofuels ‘have a role to play’ in easing gas prices

BY: - April 13, 2022

MENLO, Ia. — In response to rising gas prices, President Joe Biden announced Tuesday that fuel stations may sell cheaper, higher-ethanol blend fuels through the summer.  “I’m here today because home-grown biofuels have a role to play right now… as we work to get prices under control and reduce the costs for families,” Biden told […]

The Republican push to get more eyes on the polls this November

BY: - April 13, 2022

Republicans are engaged in a furious effort to recruit election judges, guided in part by the false impression that the 2020 election was stolen, and that an army of GOP eyes will secure victory next time.