Election 2020

Norm Eisen: Trump ‘unbalanced’ by 2020 election, fell off tightrope

BY: - November 30, 2022

Norman Eisen, a longtime election lawyer who advised the Obama White House on election law and was 44’s ethics czar, talks about the midterm elections, the red wave that wasn’t, and former President Donald Trump’s legal exposure.

Mike Lindell says the FBI seized his cell phone at a Mankato Hardee’s

BY: - September 13, 2022

MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell said the FBI surrounded him and took his cell phone Tuesday while he was in a Mankato Hardee’s drive-through. Lindell said he and a friend were on their way home from duck hunting in Iowa and stopped at the fast-food restaurant when three cars with four FBI agents surrounded his vehicle. […]

Crow Wing County officials approve some of activists’ demands for election changes

BY: - September 1, 2022

Crow Wing County officials recently gave a group of persistent election deniers some of what they wanted. The county board voted Aug. 23 to hand-count November election results in twice as many precincts as state law requires in a post-election review — four instead of two.  The board also voted to produce “cast vote records” — which show how election software reads cast ballots — of the 2020 election and August primary,

Ethics committee upholds complaint against Sen. Omar Fateh, dismisses others

BY: - July 27, 2022

A Minnesota Senate ethics committee on Wednesday upheld part of a complaint against Sen. Omar Fateh, DFL-Minneapolis, for failing to report paying $1,000 to Somali TV for two campaign ads. The committee dismissed the other part of the complaint filed by a group of Republican lawmakers that alleged Fateh inappropriately sought $500,000 in funding for […]

GOP activists lobby Carver, Sherburne county officials to do hand counts of paper ballots   

BY: - July 21, 2022

Right-wing activists are pressuring county officials in Minnesota to change election procedures, switching to paper ballots and hand counted results, which election administrators say would be an unwieldy nightmare. In recent weeks, the GOP activists have lobbied for changes in Carver and Sherburne counties. 

Campaign finance board finds probable cause in Action 4 Liberty case

BY: - July 13, 2022

The agency that regulates campaign finance found probable cause that the right-wing activist group Action 4 Liberty, which has been working to boost allies in upcoming Republican primaries, violated state campaign law.  The Minnesota Campaign Finance and Public Disclosure Board alleges that the group made illegal corporate campaign contributions to Republican gubernatorial candidate Neil Shah […]

Trump tweet invited ‘wild’ mob to block transfer of power on Jan. 6, House panel says

BY: - July 12, 2022

The U.S. House panel investigating Donald Trump’s attempts to overturn the 2020 presidential election results described Tuesday how the president explicitly called on his supporters to come to Washington on Jan. 6, 2021 for a “wild” protest — resulting in an insurrection. Trump exerted extraordinary influence over the mob, who marched to the Capitol on […]

GOP state auditor candidate says he got into a car chase with an election judge in 2020. The police report tells a slightly different story. 

BY: - July 11, 2022

Republicans’ obsessive fear of voter fraud extends beyond just pillow mogul Mike Lindell and people in red hats at Donald Trump rallies.  Ryan Wilson, the GOP-endorsed candidate for state auditor, tells a fantastical story about Election Day in 2020 to show his commitment to a fair vote:

Wisconsin Supreme Court declares absentee ballot drop boxes are illegal

BY: - July 8, 2022

In a 4-3 decision, the Wisconsin Supreme Court ruled that absentee ballot drop boxes are illegal and voters must deliver their ballots by mail or deliver them in-person to local clerks. The court’s four conservative members decided that the Wisconsin Elections Commission (WEC) gave inappropriate advice when it gave guidance to local elections clerks that […]

Fateh ethics hearing witnesses are no-shows; subpoenas coming

BY: - July 7, 2022

Two witnesses were no-shows for Thursday’s Senate ethics committee hearing looking into two complaints against Sen. Omar Fateh, DFL-Minneapolis, and will now be subpoenaed. The no-shows mean the Senate ethics panel’s investigation could continue into August, even as Fateh faces a DFL primary against education labor leader Shaun Laden. 

Republicans push for changes to election procedures in Minnesota counties

BY: - June 30, 2022

Right-wing activists have been pushing county officials in Minnesota to stop using absentee ballot drop boxes and allow more partisan election judges on absentee ballot boards during the upcoming elections. They’re having some success, too.

How the Trump fake elector scheme fizzled in four states

BY: - June 23, 2022

Part of Donald Trump’s plan to reverse his loss in the 2020 presidential election hinged on replacing legitimate electors in a handful of swing states with “fake electors.” In theory, these bogus Republican slates in Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, New Mexico, Nevada and Wisconsin would cast their electoral votes for the incumbent — canceling out […]