Chauvin Trial

Derek Chauvin sentenced to 22 1/2 years in prison for murder of George Floyd

BY: - June 25, 2021

Convicted in the murder of George Floyd, ex-Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin was sentenced to more than 22 years in prison Friday, becoming the first white Minnesota police officer to serve prison time for a murder committed while on the job.  The sentencing marks a significant milestone in the effort to get justice for Floyd, […]

Chauvin’s attorney seeks new trial, alleging juror misconduct 

BY: - May 5, 2021

Derek Chauvin’s attorney filed motions Tuesday seeking a new trial and asking the judge to bring in jurors for questioning, alleging they committed misconduct, without giving specifics. Attorney Eric Nelson wrote that the jury and prosecutors committed misconduct and the judge abused his discretion, saying the jury “committed misconduct, felt threatened or intimidated, felt race-based […]

‘We have failed’: Walz admits mistakes in law enforcement treatment of media

BY: - April 19, 2021

Facing a burgeoning political crisis over his administration’s aggressive response to protests of police killings, Gov. Tim Walz acknowledged law enforcement failed to protect press freedoms during a news conference Monday. “We have failed this week,” Walz said, referring to attacks on journalists. “It’s unacceptable.” Joined by the mayors of St. Paul and Minneapolis, Walz […]

Forensic pathologist says manner of Floyd’s death ‘undetermined’

BY: - April 14, 2021

Testimony in Derek Chauvin’s murder trial is nearing the end. Jurors heard from a Maryland forensic pathologist Wednesday who said George Floyd died of sudden cardiac arrest due to heart disease while being restrained by three Minneapolis police officers.  The defense witness contradicted prosecution experts who said Floyd died of asphyxia as a result of […]

Dr. Andrew Baker, key witness, stands by homicide determination in Chauvin trial

BY: - April 9, 2021

Hennepin County’s chief medical examiner told the jury he stood by his initial conclusion that George Floyd died when his heart and lungs stopped after Derek Chauvin and other Minneapolis police officers subdued and restrained him, compressing his neck. Dr. Andrew Baker, chief medical examiner since 2004, is a key witness in the murder and […]

Neighbors remain divided over the future of George Floyd Square

BY: - April 6, 2021

The murder trial of former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin has drawn hordes of national and international media to George Floyd Square, a four-block zone around 38th Street and Chicago Avenue currently controlled by activists. The attention comes at a time of increasing tension among neighbors, with some demanding the area around where Floyd died […]

Witnesses in Derek Chauvin trial solicit donations through GoFundMe

BY: - April 5, 2021

One of the prosecution’s witnesses, Donald W. Williams II, has a GoFundMe asking for $500,000 to “get his life back on track” and start a community center for young African American boys. The son of another witness, Charles Mcmillian, started a campaign to raise $5,000 for his father to visit his own mother’s burial in […]

George Floyd’s girlfriend takes the stand; Chauvin’s supervisor says restraint should have stopped sooner

BY: - April 1, 2021

The fourth day of testimony in Derek Chauvin’s trial revolved around George Floyd’s drug use and two paramedics’ conclusion that Floyd was dead by the time their ambulance arrived on the scene at Cup Foods. Takeaways from the trial Thursday: Floyd’s girlfriend acknowledges their opioid addiction George Floyd’s girlfriend, Courteney Ross, 45, gave jurors a […]

Cup Foods clerk regrets 911 call on George Floyd; Chauvin body cam footage played in third day of trial

BY: - March 31, 2021

During the third day of testimony in Derek Chauvin’s trial for murder and manslaughter, the jury saw more videos from virtually every angle of the day George Floyd died in south Minneapolis. They heard from the 19-year-old clerk who sold Floyd cigarettes, and an elderly Black man who pleaded with Floyd while he was pinned […]

Nearly half the jury in the Chauvin trial is seated: Here’s who they are

BY: - March 12, 2021

By day’s end Thursday, nearly half the jury that will decide the fate of former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin had been seated.  They will render a verdict on Chauvin, who faces charges of second- and third-degree murder and second-degree manslaughter. Jury selection is moving at a much faster pace than expected. Up to three […]

Gallery: Day 1 of the Derek Chauvin trial

BY: - March 8, 2021

For months Minnesotans have anticipated the trial of former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin for the killing of George Floyd. Floyd’s death set off a wave of unrest both here and across the country. On the day the trial was to begin, about 1,000 demonstrators marched, while the area around where Floyd was killed in […]

Senate votes 35-32 to approve measure to pay for security costs during Derek Chauvin trial

BY: - March 8, 2021

The Minnesota Senate voted 35-32 to approve a plan backed by the Republican majority that calls for $20 million to pay for anticipated security costs during the murder trial of former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin. The vote was largely along party lines, attracting a single DFL vote from state Sen. Kent Eken of Twin […]