Signature gatherers hustling to get Kanye on the ballot in Minnesota

    This is the sole image on Kanye West's presidential campaign website.

    On the road to President Donald Trump’s rally at the Mankato airport Monday, two young men were gathering signatures to get rapper and Kim Kardashian husband Kanye West on the presidential ballot in Minnesota. 

    When informed they were speaking to the Reformer, they scurried away, saying they didn’t want their photo taken. 

    Republican operatives have been trying to get West on the ballot in some battleground  states, likely in hopes of siphoning young and Black votes from Democrat Joe Biden. 

    Last week, a former lawyer for the Wisconsin Republican Party who has represented Trump was spotted dropping off signatures to get West on the ballot in that battleground state. Those signatures included Mickey Mouse and Bernie Sanders, Democrats allege in a complaint.  

    Trump has had his eye on Minnesota since 2016, when Hillary Clinton eked out a victory here by 44,000 votes. A recent poll has him trailing Biden by just 3 points.

    MPR says a Minneapolis attorney has been in contact with the secretary of state’s office about the minor party/independent petition requirements to get on Minnesota’s ballot for president. The paperwork/signatures are due today. 

    As Kanye raps, “Reach for the stars so if you fall you land on a cloud.”