‘MyPillow guy’ Mike Lindell to announce decision on running for governor after election

    Courtesy photo.

    MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell said he will announce whether he’s running for governor of Minnesota after the Nov. 3 election.

    Lindell has publicly flirted with the idea for months — and gotten a push from President Donald Trump to jump in — and certainly sounds like a guy who’s ready to take the plunge. Depending on how the election goes.

    During Trump’s historic rally in Duluth on Sept. 30, Lindell spoke before Trump, saying he decided to go off script and ad-lib like Trump does in case he decides to run for governor.

    He told the audience, “I promise if we flip Minnesota red, I will run for governor.”

    Now he says he’ll announce his decision after the election but is “very much leaning that way.” Given the possibility of an extended vote count this year, Lindell will announce his intentions after the results are tallied, his spokeswoman said. 

    Lindell has decried first-term DFL Gov. Tim Walz’s handling of the pandemic and predicted Minnesota would turn Republican in a landslide this November.

    Walz, who is broadly popular among Minnesotans according to a recent Star Tribune poll, is up for reelection in 2022. Lindell has become a darling of the religious right, which instantly recognizes him from his ubiquitous Fox News ads selling his signature pillows. Trump sung Lindell’s praises during a Fargo rally in 2018 and continues to on every visit.

    Lindell says he was a crack addict before he became a Christian, invented MyPillows and gained visibility after publicly supporting Trump, and vice versa.