Minnesota state lawmaker reports threatening email to police

    State. Sen. Matt Little, DFL-Lakeville

    A Minnesota state senator on Sunday said he reported a threatening email to Lakeville police 

    State Sen. Matt Little, DFL-Lakeville, is currently running for re-election in a competitive district. The former Lakeville mayor on Sunday night tweeted about the email he says his campaign received Friday night.

    “Yesterday, I received a graphic death threat against me & my family. From a person that lives minutes away,” Little wrote. “This has to stop. Vicious & extreme language has a real effect on people who are unable to discern truth, who are not stable. This isn’t a game, think about what you say.”

    Little shared the email with the Reformer, which includes a graphic threat of violence.. Little, 35, is married and has one child. 

    He said he learned about the email on Saturday after a candidate forum, and said he’s never received a message like this before. “Usually the worst thing is just ‘You’ll never win another election’ or ‘Can’t support you for “x” reason’. This is the worst I’ve ever gotten,” he said in a text message.

    Little, who did not share the person’s identity, said he had previously received a message from this individual nine months ago, which included a name and phone number. The previous email, Little said, compared him to Nazi German leaders but was not threatening. 

    As a precaution, he said he alerted his neighbors and was told police would conduct extra patrols while they investigate. 

    Zach Duckworth, the GOP-endorsed candidate running against Little, replied to Little’s tweet Sunday night, saying: “Very disheartened to hear this Matt – praying for the safety and strength of you and your family. Sending extra well wishes to your wife and little one – hoping this is addressed quickly and in a way that brings you all a sense of security.”

    A message seeking information from Lakeville police was not immediately returned on Sunday.

    Ricardo Lopez
    Ricardo Lopez is the senior political reporter for the Reformer. Ricardo is not new to Minnesota politics, previously reporting on the Dayton administration and statehouse for The Star Tribune from 2014 to 2017, and the Republican National Convention in 2016. Previously, he was a staff writer at The Los Angeles Times covering the California economy. He's a Las Vegas native who has adopted Minnesota as his home state. In his spare time, he likes to run, cook and volunteer with Save-a-Bull, a Minneapolis dog rescue group.