Michelle Griffith

Michelle Griffith

Michelle Griffith covers Minnesota politics and policy for the Reformer, with a focus on marginalized communities. Most recently she was a reporter with The Forum of Fargo-Moorhead in North Dakota where she covered state and local government and Indigenous issues.

Senate Majority Leader Dziedzic looks to build bridges — from home

By: - April 11, 2023

Senate Majority Leader Kari Dziedzic didn’t announce publicly that she had cancer before she underwent surgery to remove a tumor and with it her spleen, appendix and uterus. Rather, she took an approach characteristic of her stoicism and introversion. She announced the day after surgery that everything went well and she would be working remotely […]

DFL bill could doom Sanford-Fairview deal with ban on anti-competitive health care mergers

By: - April 5, 2023

Democratic lawmakers are weighing a ban on anti-competitive health care mergers that could spell the end for the proposed merger between Minneapolis-based Fairview Health Services and Sioux Falls-based Sanford Health.  The deal has sparked fierce resistance from Democratic lawmakers, rural residents and health care unions, who say it would create a health care monopoly in […]

DFL cannabis bill’s tax rates would be among nation’s lowest

By: - March 31, 2023

Supporters of a bill working its way through the Legislature to legalize recreational marijuana have landed a new inducement: Lower taxes. The new amendment, adopted by the House Taxes Committee this week, taxes cannabis and low-dose THC edibles at 8% for fiscal years 2024-2025. The next biennium, however, cannabis sales taxes would drop to 5.25%. […]

‘We’re going to pass this’: Walz advocates for gun control in Minnesota

By: - March 30, 2023

Surrounded by activists, Democratic lawmakers and former U.S. Rep. Gabby Giffords, Gov. Tim Walz said Thursday Minnesota will pass gun control measures this year, despite some wavering from DFL senators. Walz, who once earned an A rating from the National Rifle Association during his career in Congress, offered an impassioned plea for gun control, citing […]

Senate GOP unveils ‘compromise’ spending offer, including $500 million boost for nursing homes

By: - March 27, 2023

Minnesota Senate Republicans on Monday imagined a world in which Roe v. Wade wasn’t overturned and the national party didn’t drag down their midterm prospects, releasing a list of budget targets and tax cut proposals. It wasn’t just a gimmick, however. They say if their requirements are met, they’ll provide the needed votes to pass […]

House passes bill making Minnesota a refuge state for transgender people

By: - March 24, 2023

The House on Friday morning passed a bill deeming Minnesota a refuge state for transgender people, protecting them from legal repercussions for traveling to Minnesota for gender-affirming health care. The bill still needs Senate passage and the signature of Gov. Tim Walz to become law. The legislation, which passed the House by a 68-62 vote, […]

Minnesota’s next two-year budget targets, explained

By: - March 23, 2023

Gov. Tim Walz and legislative leaders agreed this week to spend nearly all of the state’s $17.5 billion budget surplus, with the largest amount of new money going to tax credits and cuts, infrastructure projects and K-12 education. Using almost all of Minnesota’s surplus over the next biennium propels spending for fiscal years 2024-25 to […]

Senate to hold hearing on alleged toxic work environment at Hastings veterans home

By: - March 21, 2023

The Minnesota Senate on Tuesday evening will hear from staff of the Minnesota Veterans Home in Hastings after complaints surfaced of a toxic work environment and concerns about safety and medical care. The St. Paul Pioneer Press first reported earlier this month about allegations from current and former workers at the Hastings veterans home that […]

House adopts robust amendment to DFL marijuana bill creating hemp licensing system

By: - March 20, 2023

Minnesota House members adopted a hefty amendment to the chamber’s bill to legalize recreational marijuana on Monday, including provisions like the creation of a separate licensing system for Minnesota hemp growers and the low-dose THC products their crops are used for now. The 155-page amendment creates new hemp licenses that allow a manufacturer to produce […]

Walz signs universal free school meals into law

By: - March 17, 2023

Gov. Tim Walz on Friday signed a bill to provide free breakfast and lunch to all Minnesota students at eligible schools. Walz signed the bill surrounded by lawmakers, community advocates and young students at Webster Elementary School in northeast Minneapolis. The second-term DFL governor lauded how universal meals will help make Minnesota the best state […]

Audit paints scathing picture of Met Council’s oversight of Southwest Light Rail construction

By: - March 15, 2023

A new report by the Office of the Legislative Auditor released Wednesday found that the Metropolitan Council made numerous errors overseeing the construction of the Southwest Light Rail Green Line extension, which is nearly a decade behind schedule and $1.5 billion over budget.  Among the problems: Moving ahead knowing they didn’t have sufficient funding, changing […]

Former House majority leader, key player in THC law, to start THC beverage company

By: - March 15, 2023

Former DFL House Majority Leader Ryan Winkler is starting a THC beverage company after playing a key role in the passage of the law that legalized the THC edible industry. Within the next few months, Winkler plans to launch Crooked Beverage Company — a business venture that sells THC-infused, flavored beverages in retail locations. Last […]