Marshall H. Tanick

Marshall H. Tanick

Marshall H. Tanick is a Twin Cities employment law attorney with the law firm of Meyer Njus Tanick.


Ford’s pardon of Nixon created a bad precedent

By: - September 8, 2023

Most of former President Trump’s rivals for the Republican presidential nomination have given full-throated support for him in his current criminal travails, even saying they would pardon him if he is convicted of any – or all – of the 90-something charges. The notion that a president could be pardoned for criminal offenses would have […]


What else do Watergate and Trump’s alleged crimes have in common? Wayward lawyers.

By: - August 18, 2023

A disturbing feature of the multiplicity of criminal charges against former President Donald Trump — especially the latest federal and Georgia state proceedings alleging a conspiracy to overthrow the 2020 election — is the centrality of lawyers in the morass. Five of the half-dozen unindicted co-conspirators in the federal case are attorneys, and the unidentified […]


The right loves far-flung shopping trips — for judges and venues

By: - August 1, 2023

Whether it’s swimwear and summer vacation apparel now, back-to-school supplies this month or Christmas, Americans love to shop: brick-and-mortar, online, you name it. But another form of shopping is less benign. It consists of right-wingers and fellow traveler Republican lawyers shopping around for MAGA judges who will predictably issue favorable rulings on their behalf. The […]


John Roberts lives in a colorblind fantasyland

By: - July 11, 2023

Racism no longer exists in America! No less an authority than Chief Justice John Roberts of the United States Supreme Court has told us so.  Thanks, chief. So glad that, after more than 400 years, we don’t have to put up with racial inequities any more. What a relief! All of this came to fruition […]


Is Trump ‘too busy’ to follow the law?

By: - June 27, 2023

Within hours of his arraignment on federal espionage charges recently, former President Donald Trump revealed a new explanation why he improperly took and kept the classified, sensitive documents from the White House upon his departure: He was too “busy” to sort through the numerous boxes removed from facility before or during the ensuing 2-1/2 years […]


The wrong veto, for the wrong reasons

By: and - June 7, 2023

During much the recent landmark legislative session, Gov. Tim Walz’s presence seemed to be confined to photo opportunities depicting him rubber-stamping a raft of DFL bills that will transform the state — mostly for the good — in ways unimaginable months ago. But as the solons concluded their business and headed home at the end […]


Who will investigate the U.S. Supreme Court? Unclear.

By: - May 15, 2023

The refusal of Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts to appear at a recent hearing of the Senate Judiciary Committee regarding ethical standards for members of the high court intensifies the calls for an investigation of the apparent and ever-increasing ethical lapses of Justice Clarence Thomas.  But the exponentially-growing demands for inquiry — as revelations of […]


Call to prayer ordinance raises First Amendment questions

By: and - May 5, 2023

The Minneapolis City Council last month removed restrictions on the hours that mosques may play amplified calls to prayer. It’s a laudable way to reach out to a large community, which includes the greatest number of people of Somali ancestry in the United States.  The new ordinance allows Muslims to play the call to prayer […]


The right wing of the Supreme Court shows its hand in student loan forgiveness case

By: - April 27, 2023

The recent Supreme Court hearing on the challenge to the Biden administration’s $300 billion student loan forgiveness program was unusually revelatory in several ways. The initiative is available to up to 40 million eligible Americans and covers some 730,000 former and current college and university students here in Minnesota, about 12% of the state’s population.  […]


First universities, next workplaces: Supreme Court ruling could doom diversity initiatives

By: - April 12, 2023

A pair of cases heard last fall and expected to be decided soon by the U.S. Supreme Court regarding affirmative action could have significant impact on employment relations in Minnesota and elsewhere, even though the cases are not strictly speaking about the workplace.  Most observers feel that the super-majority of conservatives on the high court […]


Is there any way to stop campaign lies that would pass constitutional muster?

By: - April 3, 2023

The past election had the usual fusillade of negative ads in various forums promulgated by both parties.  But 2022’s batch included an unusual number of blatant lies.  Consider a striking illustration during the latter stages of the campaign, when the Republicans Governors Association bought $750,000 of ad time aimed against Gov. Tim Walz.  The  broadcast […]


Pence is making a specious legal argument for not testifying

By: - February 15, 2023

Former President Trump and his legal team have been pilloried for their dubious practices and tactics in the plethora of lawsuits in which the ex-president has been engaged since the election. Now, his former Vice President Mike Pence, who is in Minnesota Wednesday, is doing him one better by coming up with an even more […]