Deena Winter

Deena Winter

Deena Winter has covered local and state government in four states over the past three decades, with stints at the Bismarck Tribune in North Dakota, as a correspondent for the Denver Post, city hall reporter in Lincoln, Nebraska, and regional editor for Southwest News in the western Minneapolis suburbs. Before joining the staff of the Reformer in 2021 she was a contributor to the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times. She and her husband have a daughter, son, and very grand child. In her spare time, she likes to play tennis, jog, garden and attempt to check out all the best restaurants in the metro area.

$2.85 million in Minneapolis workers comp claims approved, most to police

By: - October 22, 2021

Another $2.85 million worth of workers’ compensation settlements were approved  by a Minneapolis City Council committee this week. 

Minneapolis cop says officers have taken ‘hands-off’ approach to crime fighting

By: - October 20, 2021

A Minneapolis police officer acknowledged to a local Indigenous leader during a videotaped conversation that he and fellow officers have taken a “hands-off” approach to crime control, including out-in-the-open drug dealing. 

Minneapolis Police Chief: ‘These numbers are sobering, they’re unconscionable’

By: - October 20, 2021

Just weeks before Minneapolis voters will decide on the future of the police department and its current leader Medaria Arradondo, the top cop told the City Council that the crime situation is dire. 

Minneapolis police overtime explodes due to staffing shortage

By: - October 18, 2021

The Minneapolis Police Department has spent about $3 million on overtime this year, with about half due to a staffing shortage, the department’s finance director said Monday.

2 cops in Stallings videos are getting disability pensions

By: - October 14, 2021

Two of the Minneapolis police officers under scrutiny for their handling of protesters in the days after George Floyd’ killing have taken “duty disability retirement.”

Brooklyn Center police chief says new citation policy is a ruse  

By: - October 14, 2021

The interim Brooklyn Center police chief disparaged a recent announcement by the city’s mayor about changes to policing in the embattled suburban city.

New research questions safety of restraining people face down 

By: - October 12, 2021

The safety of restraining suspects by putting them in a prone position — as George Floyd was — with weight on their chest is coming under increasing scrutiny.

Minneapolis goes on installment plan to pay workers comp settlements

By: - October 12, 2021

The city of Minneapolis has had so many workers’ compensation settlements with cops since last year that it has begun spreading out the payments over three or four years, instead of paying workers one lump sum.

Minneapolis council member says he ‘got got’ at ‘defund police’ rally

By: - October 8, 2021

Minneapolis City Council Member Phillipe Cunningham said during a recent candidate forum that he had no idea there was a big sign on the front of the stage that said “DEFUND POLICE” when he went onstage at a Powderhorn Park rally with eight of his council colleagues.

Minneapolis Mayor: Video of police department’s response to unrest ‘galling’ 

By: - October 8, 2021

Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey said it was “galling” to see recently released body camera video footage giving a behind-the-scenes look at how Minneapolis police officers behaved as they struggled to regain control of the city after five days of civil unrest sparked by George Floyd’s police killing.

After months operating in the dark, campaign groups hustle to register after Reformer inquiries

By: - October 7, 2021

Campaign groups advocating for and against Minneapolis ballot questions hustled to get registered after the Reformer began asking why they were raising and spending campaign money without registering with Hennepin County Elections, which effectively allowed some of them to campaign without any financial transparency for months. Operation Safety Now and Minneapolis Together have been actively […]

homeless camp

Minneapolis clears homeless encampments

By: - October 5, 2021

A homeless camp near Cedar and Franklin avenues in Minneapolis was cleared out by the city and state Tuesday morning.