Davis Senseman

Davis Senseman is the founder of Davis Law Office and a member of the Mainstreet Alliance of Minnesota Advisory Board and Outfront Action Board. Davis advises small businesses, nonprofits and political campaigns and was formerly district director for U.S. Rep. Ilhan Omar.


Taxing PPP loan income would be a disaster for many Minnesota small businesses | Opinion

By: - March 2, 2021

About three years ago I testified before the Minnesota House Taxes Committee representing the Main Street Alliance of Minnesota, a coalition of business owners who work toward a more equitable and fair state for all. I also testified as someone who helps those same small business owners in my work as an attorney and advisor. […]


You’ll miss those small businesses when they’re gone, so help them now

By: - April 6, 2020

After a disaster, when the feds have left town and insurance payments have been made and residents attempt to put their lives back together, we still live with constant reminders of what was lost. Sometimes — like after 9/11 in New York City — structures and people and a (perhaps false) sense of security vanish. […]


Progressive to fellow progressives: Learn these simple truths about business

By: - February 9, 2020

I’m a lawyer who represents small businesses that do all sorts of things, from operating restaurants to landscaping to things that I don’t totally understand. Like me, many of the folks who run these businesses have progressive goals for our cities, state and country —  but they’re also passionate about running a restaurant or landscaping […]