Cynthia Haynes

Cynthia Haynes

Cynthia Haynes is a Minneapolis mom of three kids, ages 5, 6, and 12. She spent seven years working in child care and is currently making excellent grilled cheese sandwiches at All Square. She dreams of one day opening her own child youth center for kids from ages 0 to 18, so children can learn how to be in community with each other across their ages. She believes kids are teaching us and teaching each other all the time, and it is our job to learn from and grow with them.


The Child Tax Credit is helping parents and providing hope — make it permanent | Opinion

By: - October 7, 2021

I felt like all I ever said was “No.” I made sure that I also said “I love you” often, but it still felt like “No” was all they ever heard. When you live in poverty, the answer, nearly all of the time, has to be no. The complete answer is actually something more like […]