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Labor unrest in the Twin Cities, with SEIU strike votes coming for both 1,800 medical workers at HealthPartners, as Max Nesterak informed you last week. Results announced Friday at 10. Another 8,000 janitor and security officers of SEIU Local 26 could announce a strike Saturday. 

Reformer politics reporter Ricardo Lopez went to a forum Wednesday that featured Gov. Tim Walz and legislative leaders, and he filed this report:   

It’s a funny thing that happens when the legislative leadership reaches gender parity — an extended conversation about passing stronger protections against sexual harassment in the workplace. 

OK, back to Coolican: I’m not really sure but it seems like Rep. Mary Franson, R-Alexandria, is suggesting with this tweet that Bill and Melinda Gates are involved in the development of bioweapons but your guess is as good as mine. It earned *3* sirens from her which maybe signifies the TRI-lateral Commission?

(I fear I must do the unforgivable and explain a joke — the Trilateral Commission was a favored conspiracy bogeyman of the ’80s, sometime after “fluoridated water is a Communist plot” but before “vaccines cause autism.”)

GOP Chair Jennifer Carnahan had quite a day Wednesday. Sally Jo Sorenson with a great find in the party’s campaign finance report, namely a donor to the party named James Hagedorn. He’s “self employed” and seems to share a Saint Louis Park address with Jennifer Carnahan. In other words, it’s her husband Jim Hagedorn, who is not self-employed but actually the congressman from the 1st District, which is nowhere near Saint Louis Park. (The dreaded metro!!!!) Carnahan called Sally Jo and told her the information on the filing is incorrect and “an amended report is being prepared” to submit to the campaign board.

No doubt.

A problem here, as Sorensen points out, is that Hagedorn is trying to paint his opponent Dan Feehan as a carpetbagger. (You can live outside your congressional district, by the way, but the “optics,” as the kids say? Yikes.) Rep. Ryan Winkler had some fun with it.

Carnahan also deleted a tweet (no shame in that; I’ve done it) in which she claimed President Donald Trump was “vindicated” by a bipartisan acquittal even though every single Democrat voted for removal, as did GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney. 

Here’s where Carnahan wound up: 

The Senate rightfully acquitted @realDonaldTrump today. The American people are ready to move on. It’s time for the Democrats to put our country first, work on behalf of all Americans and stop the vitriol and division. #KeepAmericaGreat

No shame in being a convert — they often make the most ardent believers, but Carnahan was not always on the Trump train. 

When she ran an unwinnable state Senate race in Minneapolis in 2016, she wasn’t exactly an enthusiastic supporter of Donald Trump. In a story that ran just a couple weeks after the AccessHollywood tape was released in which Trump boasted about grabbing women’s genitals, Carnahan wasn’t fully on board: 

Carnahan won’t say who she will vote for other than that it won’t be Hillary Clinton. Using a term from her sports marketing days — she says her presidential vote will be a “game-time decision.” “The top of the ticket doesn’t have anything to do with my race,” she said. “Honestly, I just try to stay away from it because it’s a conversation you’re just not going to win.”

Thankfully you have seen the error of your ways, comrade! 

Speaking of … here’s part of Sen. Mitt Romney’s speech

Which gave some people a sad.

Gov. Tim Walz is in Washington for the National Governors Association and will meet with a bunch of people on the Hill and Transpo Secretary Elaine Chao. 

I started watching “The Pharmacist” on Netflix last night and you should, too. It’s a riveting documentary series about an obsessive eccentric who loses his son to drugs and then tries to single-handedly take on the pharmaceutical company that gave us Oxycontin. Heroes all around us if you look hard enough. 

Today at the Reformer: 

  • Rilyn Eischens reviews worker injury and fatality data and finds encouraging trends over the past couple decades and lower injury and fatality rates in Minnesota than elsewhere. But some occupations remain far too dangerous. This under-covered issue deserves your attention. (Just as an aside it’s been interesting observing what issues generate the most buzz in our infancy. So far, I’ve been pleasantly surprised to see that stories about workers and their everyday struggles are really hitting a nerve.) The story also includes an email address for your stories about workplace safety. 
  • And from Washington, Boundary Waters news: The former head of the U.S. Forest Service told a House panel why he thinks it’s a mistake to allow copper-nickel mining near the Boundary Waters, Robin Bravender reports. 

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